Local Quantum Physics on demand

A while ago, I used some credits obtained by reviewing for Springer to order Rudolf Haag’s classic Local Quantum Physics. (Coming from the AQFT school, it is rather embarrassing to admit that I did not own a copy before…) As the hardcopy version is no longer available, I agreed to get the softcover version instead. When the book finally arrived, I was quite shocked by the bad quality of the print. The book was printed on demand, but apparently the original files were lost or are for some reason no longer usable. So a scan was used to produce a new file from which the book was printed. Apart from the grainy letters, the size was scaled down considerably. Reading this book for a while literally hurts the eye.

This book costs 75Euros (99Dollars) in Springer’s online shop, and you get a quality that is comparable to downloading it from some Russian server and printing it yourself (actually, you might even get better quality this way, as you do not need to scale it down). I thus complained at Springer’s customer office. They were very friendly and proposed to enquire whether the quality of the print can be enhanced. This, however, turned out to be impossible, so they offered me to choose another book (without me having to return the copy of Haag’s book).

In any case, I find it hard to believe that it is impossible for Springer to produce a print of better quality. Perhaps some reader with good connections to Springer can do something about it…


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